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January is a New Beginning

Hello 2016! 

I see January month as a new beginning because it was hectic & enjoyable holidays season. It was like a race that I had to get to finished line in timely fashion. Sure I still recognized my studio but it definitely clutter, paper, tool and craft materials everywhere. Well, I did it. All orders were shipped, delivered and arrived to the hand of our customers. 

Holidays had past, and now it is time to reorganize our studio again. Being a creative person, I always need to change and rearrange my studio. Let's see what I had done in past two weeks.

                                                     Time to make a plan for a great year 2016! 


                                                    Body oils and massage oils display shelf                                                             

Our custom label design for party favors

   And here, my favorite corner...STATIONARY / Label printing corner

I hope to share more studio picture with you but it is still in working process still. I really hope to put this project behind me and I will sure to share with you. 

Again, thank you for following me along. 

Cheers! Usa



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