My Thoughts


Weather is simply beautiful, nice warm summer has brought vibrant color and complexity smell from many types of flowers. Our family just love being outdoor,  exploring our local parks seems to our favorite daily activity. This year my 11 years old son will take a summer camp with his boy scout troop, he is very excited to join and have fun with his elementary classmates. For us, this will be the first time that he will be staying away without us, my son is growing and becoming more independent young man. I can't wait to hear more from him about his summer camp. 

January is a New Beginning

Hello 2016! 

I see January month as a new beginning because it was hectic & enjoyable holidays season. It was like a race that I had to get to finished line in timely fashion. Sure I still recognized my studio but it definitely clutter, paper, tool and craft materials everywhere. Well, I did it. All orders were shipped, delivered and arrived to the hand of our customers. 

Holidays had past, and now it is time to reorganize our studio again. Being a creative person, I always need to change and rearrange my studio. Let's see what I had done in past two weeks.

                                                     Time to make a plan for a great year 2016! 


                                                    Body oils and massage oils display shelf                                                             

Our custom label design for party favors

   And here, my favorite corner...STATIONARY / Label printing corner

I hope to share more studio picture with you but it is still in working process still. I really hope to put this project behind me and I will sure to share with you. 

Again, thank you for following me along. 

Cheers! Usa



My Love of Good Oils

Today I pull all of my massage oils for photographing and have a flash back on how I decided to make these massage oils. It began with short conversation between my husband, who loves getting a massage and I. He came to my studio and explored my shelves and requested that I should make massage oils just for him and the way he liked them. Sure talking to me would not be simple, I started looking for quality ingredients and then trial & error several carrier oils. And a blend of jojoba and sweet almond oil has won my heart. Now a fun time had begun, I had to select a few combinations (blending) of essential oils. Finally I found perfect blends for us, Cure, Relieve and Uplift massage oils. The massage oils are beautiful aroma and you will get benefit from this essential oils while you get massage movement.