About & Our Story

Pure Palette Scents is a small studio based in Woodbridge, Virginia. In the studio, blending oil, crafting balm using plant based ingredients and ending my day with melting soy wax seem to be a regular daily routine. Crafting soy candles using non GMO & Kosher certified soy wax, cotton wick and 100% essential oil(s) are my majority, in a small section, you may find some of customers' favorite soy candles, which are used phthalate (THAL-ates) free fragrance oils.

I’m in love and have a great passion using pure natural essential oils to create my unique botanical fragrances. You will find them in my pure certified essential oil soy candles collection. They are not only creating wonderful memorable scent in your home, they also give many health benefits such as calming, energizing, relaxing, and uplifting your mind & spirit.

Our Story

I was always love learning about herbs from my aunt and my mother. Using and making them seemed to be a common practice in our household. My mother had a little restaurant and I was her sous chef. I learned how to use Chinese knife(s) and had been prepared ingredients since I was a little girl. Till I moved to the U.S., and met my husband who had a health issue and working in home design industry, my passion had turned to cooking my own foods and other personal care products for using in our household. Time has gone by in rapid rate, and "THANK YOU" to you who have support me to turn my love of making and be able to offer them to you.