Sweet Amber Soy Candles
Sweet Amber Soy Candles
Sweet Amber Soy Candles

Sweet Amber Soy Candles

Sweet Amber has sweet resinous and vanilla fragrant along with balsamic and rich of floral.


+ 3.25" Diameter x 3.50" Height
+ 50 hours plus burn time.


:> Soy Wax
:> Fragrance Oil
:> Cotton Wick

Full 11 oz. soybean candle is carefully crafted with premium grade soy wax and high scent throw fragrance oil, hand poured into tumbler glass container. Cotton wick is used for clean burning in your home environment. White color and NO color dye is added

{ CARE }

+ Trim wick to 1/8" to ensure even burning & prevent soot and flame from becoming too large.
+ Never leave soy tea light candles burning unattended.
+ Always place soy candle on a heat resistance surface.
+ Keep burning soy candles away from kids and pets and any flammable objects.
+ Place soy candles in a draft-free area.
+ Recommend to read Care & Caution note on the bottom of the container prior to using the soy candle.


The soybean candle comes in recycle Kraft paper tube box.


Glass container can be cleaned and reused for other purposes.